Celebrity Fashion: Olivia Palmero

Olivia Palmero, American Socialite, MY favourite style inspiration. Her style is classy but casual. Her outfits are simple but complicated, makes sense right? Olivia has a simplistic look with a lot of detail. She wear a lot of neutrals and browns, with pops of colours, in handbags or hidden underneath coats.


The photo above is Olivia’s street style during NYFW from February this year. This is just one of the many of the casual but sheik looks she wears. Oh how I wish it was cold in Australia now. Olivia wears a black oversized trench coat with a fur collar. Black leather skinnies, a white fringe handbag and the pop of colour with the mauve loafers. The contrast between the black and the white bring the focus on the mauve loafers. Her hair is tied back in a bun, this just adds to the sophisticated look.

Depending on where you live and what the weather is like, your style will differ. Re-creating this look, will be pricy as it includes some sort of coat. If it’s cold, than a simple black or grey coat paired with a pair of pants. I personally would pair this with a pair of light wash distressed jeans. As for the colour, a pair of boots or loafers with a colour of your choosing and either a black or white handbag. Finish the look with a scarf, specifically in the colour of your shoes to tie the look together.

But if you live in a not as cold place, (like Australia), than the style is a bit different. A white button up blouse with cuffs, complimented with a tan fur vest. This is then matched with a pair of black leggings and black boots. If you are interested in a pop of colour, you can ad this in by adding a funky or colourful handbag or purse. Some gold accessories, simple makeup and hair would wrap this look up perfectly.

Olivia’s style is my inspiration, coming into winter I will definitely be looking for insight into her fashion style, to create my own spin on the outfit. I hope you enjoyed this post. Be excited for more to come! See you soon.

Jessica xx


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