Celebrity Fashion: Vanessa Hudgens

Hi everyone, today’s post is another celebrity fashion. I look for inspiration in Vanessa Hudgens’ outfits. Her style is very ‘boho’ and ‘indie’ and I have noticed that she wears a lot of lace and I LOVE IT ALL!ย 1408015432121_wps_1_UK_CLIENTS_MUST_CREDIT_AK

Vanessa’s style is also very casual. She doesn’t wear heels everywhere and she doesn’t care what her hair looks like. She just throws on an outfit and manages to look good in it. Usually her street style outfits are not planned out. In this outfit, Vanessa wear a midi length white dress with thin straps. Tied around her waist is a red plaid shirt. She has paired this with the latest trend of shoes, birkenstock style shoes in tan.

This outfit is the perfect outfit for any casual events. To re-create this outfit, just any midi, or even a shift dress in the colour of your choosing. Any type of plaid shirt that you think matches well with your dress will do. If you will be wearing your shirt you may wanna wear a shirt a bit nicer, still plaid though. But if it is just for show maybe rummage through your Dad’s closet and see what you can find! Pair this with whatever shoes you fancy, ankle boots would look amazing!


The next outfit is one of my favourites. It is unlike her street style and usual boho. Vanessa wears all white clothing. She wears a cropped sheer top with gorgeous detailing in the middle of the top and on the cuffs. This is then paired with some white tailored pants. She shows a bit of stomach, excluding the belly button though. This just adds to the classiness of the outfit. Her shoes are some nude pumps and she wears a black bag.

Re-creating this look it going to take some work. For the top, try looking through your mothers closet for some long sleeved action, you’ll be surprised in what you find in there! But sadly, if you don’t find anything in there that grabs your attention, any sheer long sleeve top will do. But don’t forget to wear a nude bra! If you have a pair of pants like the ones she has on, a variety of colours will look perfect! A pair of open toes heels, in white or nude would just finish the outfit. Fresh and dewy makeup, and your hair in a messy top knot will tie (see what I did there ๐Ÿ˜‰) the outfit together.

I hope you pretties enjoyed today’s post! Because I always enjoy grabbing inspiration from the boho queen. Let me know what you think of these outfits in the comments below! Tata for now kittens!

Jessica xx


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