Flat Lay: #1

Hey kitties, I am introducing a new category! This category is all flat lays, I have always loved flat lays, whether they are electronic or my own items, messy or structured. I love everything about them. If you don’t know what they are, they are basically a picture of items laid down on a horizontal surface. That is the best way I can explain it! My polyvore contain lots of flat lays, that I have created. You can check that out here. Since I am a new to blogging, I thought the best way to get across my love for flat lays, is to create them myself! So below is my first flat lay of the items I have bought in the previous week! Enjoy!


1. A pair of jeans.  I bought these jeans for a bargain price and I love them. They are from country road and they are the ‘mid rise crop’ in the colour ‘washed blue’. I don’t really have a nice pair of jeans in this colour. I have a pair from Topshop, although they are more of a stretchy material. I am very excited to style outfits with this!

2. Roll neck sweater. You cannot see in the photo very well, but I bought myself a roll neck black sweater. I have seen this trend spread very quickly and it seems to be a very popular item for this winter. The sweater is from Portmans and I originally wanted a grey one but when I saw the black one I fell in love. It is a knitted material, not cotton and very warm.

3. 3/4 boat neck top. I bought this top because I think it would be perfect for layering..I was thinking maybe a brown fur vest over the top..? Anyways, this top is from Kookai, so it is pretty tight fitting. I like the boat neck on this shirt, as it adds more class to the outfit. This would also be really nice with the jeans.

4. Crew neck sweater. This is a sloppy joe just to wear with simple outfits or if I am not going anywhere special. I bought it slightly oversized because thats how I like my sweaters. This is from Kmart and I’m in love with the colour.

5. Purse.  Okay, so to be honest I didn’t buy that much stuff so I had to fill in this flat lay with some fillers. This is my current purse from Target, it is in very poor condition and I am in need of a new one, but i just thought the colour would tie in perfectly with the set.

6. Dangle earrings   You probably can’t see very clearly in this photo, but these are just some silver leaf shape earnings for Lovisa. These also have detailing which is kind of holey.

7. Pawpaw. Again. Another filler, I don’t know why I chose this because it doesn’t go with the colours at all. But anyway this is the Lucas Pawpaw, it is one of the must haves in anyones life. I can fix anything, chapped lips to mosquito bites.

8. Liquid foundation.  As I was writing my makeup collection posts, I noticed that I really only own one foundation. Covergirl was having a sale so I decided to invest in another foundation. The one I chose is the Covergirl, Tru Blend in the colour 12, classic ivory. I will probably do a review on this product as I haven’t got to use it yet!

9. Ballet flats. I needed a pair of ballet flats, these are from Kmart and as you can see in the photo they are just black with a little bow on the front.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little documentary/flat lay of my shopping trip. Let me know what you thought of it below! Also, I apologise for this post in being up so late I got caught listening to the Splendour in the Grass lineup 🙂 See you soon kitties.

xx Jessica


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