Celebrity Fashion: Miranda Kerr

Hey Kitties, happy hump day! Just two more days until the weekend! Today’s post will be a celebrity fashion, focusing on what Miranda Kerr wears. Her style is very classy and lady like. Everything she wears is simple and easy to re-create! She is defiantly one of my fashion influences.ย 


The outfit above I’m in love with. It starts with her wearing some sort of striped shirt. Over the top of that she wears a peanut colour trench coat. A pair of light wash denim distressed jeans ties the whole outfit together. She has paired a pair of leopard print loafer style shoes and a black handbag. Re-creating this look, will have to include your style with a spin on it. The shirt underneath can be any long sleeve or 3/4 shirt. I would wear my boat neck top I feature in my flat lay. A trench coat of any colour will match perfectly, as long as it is longer than your hips. Any light washes jeans, they do not have to be distressed, but it does add to the details of the outfit. I would not recombined wearing any dark coloured jeans as I feel it would not match with everything. A pair of ballet flats or like the shoes featured it the photo will be a perfect touch. Re-creating this look with your own clothes and items adds more detail to the outfit and you can mix it up and change somethings to suit your own personality


The next outfit is one of my all time favourites, I have seen this photos a lot on the world wide internet and I absolutely adore the bag and the denim jacket. Miranda wears a white shirt with a collar. Little details make a huge difference to an outfit! This little cute denim jacket she wears I’m in love with. It is so cute and it reminds me of a stylish child (hehe). She wears a black skater skirt, with a pair of brown suede ankle booties. Now the bag! The bag is a statement. Now after doing some digging, I found where this gorgeous bambi style bag. It is from, Alexander Wang at a price of $725. Now, re-creating this look. I am sure you do NOT want to spend a lot of money in the process. Any out-there, different unusual, colourful, glittery, purse, clutch or handbag would look amazing! Really anything that tickles your fancy. A shirt with a collar, it of course doesn’t have to be white. Any other colour would go well, but if it is a colour other than black or white, don’t forget to incorporate that colour somewhere in the outfit. A denim jacket is a must to this outfit. Not much more to say about that. Black skater skirt, I also think a pair of high-waisted jeans would match perfectly! I honestly don’t like the boots she is wearing in the photo. I prefer leather black boots, but it is your outfit to it is up to you.

Only 2 outfits today sorry! Don’t forget I’ll be uploading on Sunday as well! Let me know what you thought of this post below and comment posts that you want be to blog about, that would be very much appreciated. Like this post if you enjoyed it and don’t forget to check out my other posts! See you Sunday.

xx Jessica


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