Met Gala 2015

Hi Kitties, as you probably already know, the Met Gala event was on Tuesday. It is one of the largest event in fashion. The Met Gala is an annual fundraising gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Costume Institute in New York. It marks the grand opening for the institutes yearly fashion exhibit.

The event has a certain theme every year that the exhibition revolves around. This years theme was China: Through the Looking Glass. In today’s post I look at the fashion, celebrities and designers wore, the best and the worst dresses.


Kim Kardashian West wearing a Roberto Cavalli dress. As you can see in the photo above, it almost looks like she is naked. A sheer material covered with silver and white detailing. The feathers at the bottom of the dress add to the glamorous style she is trying to pull off. I wouldn’t say I am in love with this dress and I don’t think it reflects the theme very well. But Kim pulls it off and she looks stunning in it.
Now, Selena Gomez. I honestly thought she would wear something a bit nicer. But that is just my opinion. The picture above is her wearing a Vera Wang dress. I think this dress suited the theme more, compared to Kim’s but I dislike the style of it. I don’t understand how there is a white band and then a triangle dress thing over the top. I am not a big fan of tassels either. Personally, I think this dress would look far more stunning if she didn’t have the white bra.
Cara Delevingne wearing Stella McCartney. I am not sure what I feel about this piece. Cara chose not to follow the crowd and wore a jumpsuit instead. The beaded bra and cut out makes the outfit a bit edgier. I think she looks gorgeous in it and I don’t have any flaws about the jumpsuit. Although, thinking of the theme, the outfit doesn’t reflect it. It took 5 artists and 11 hours to decorate her whole upper body with temporary chinese birds and blossom tattoos. Cara really put a lot of detail into this outfit and I congratulate her for that.
Rihanna, by now I am sure you have seen lots of posts or memes about this dress. Rihanna wears Guo Pei, a mustard yellow dress that took a chinese women 2 years to make. The ‘dress’ is actually a cape that she wore with a pink bra. The cape detailing is gorgeous, although it may be one to many metres long. This (in my opinion) is one of the worst dressed celebrities this year.
Next, is definitely the worst dressed this year. Above is Solange Knowles in a Giles Deacon dress. To be honest when I first saw this dress, I immediately saw a sting ray. I don’t even know how to describe this dress. I think the pattern would look nice on a top or a smaller clothing piece. This is a round, circular dress and it does’t compliment her in any way.
Lily Collins was one of my favourite’s from the event. She is wearing Chanel and looks absolutely gorgeous. She is wearing a black blouse with a full pale pink skirt, with flowers at the bottom.
Lastly Beyonce. When I first saw this photo it did’t even look like her. This dress completely transforms her. Like Kimmy K’s dress it looks like she is naked. But with this dress there is so many gorgeous jewels and they aren’t all just one colour. I wasn’t surprised when I saw her wear this as she always wears crazy outfits. I don’t love or hate this outfit, but I have to admit, Queen B did slay the dress.
That is it for today lovelies, sorry for such the long post. I wanted to make sure I covered everything! Please like this post if you enjoyed it and tell me in the comments below who you think looked the best. Until Sunday!
xx Jessica

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