Hello Kitties, Today’s post will be about my semi formal. For those who don’t know what that is, it is like formal/prom but instead of long dresses its short cocktail dresses. It’s supposed to be ‘casual attire’ but no one ever wears that. Below is what I wore. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


As you can see in the photo above my dress is navy blue lace. It has a high neck and a lower back. This is from Dissh. My pouch is from Rubi shoes, my toenails and lipstick matched with this as well. My shoes are from famous footwear and are just nude heels. They have a gold zipper up the back and the heel is thick, making it easier to walk in. I just wore a silver bracelet and tear drop earrings that I featured in my flat lay.

You can’t really see properly (iPhone 4 quality) but my hair was in a braid at the front, then wrapped back into a bun. This style was a lot different and I didn’t see anyone else with it.ย 


Above are my nails, they are just a nude pink shellac.


I got my makeup done at Ella Bache and there they use Issada products. Not sure how much it cost to get my makeup done but the money was redeemable in products. Above is an eyeshadow she used, it also works as a highlighter as well. The colour is sugar. Below is a swatch of it, as you can see the colour is very pigmented.


Above is the colour of my lips, I would describe it as a deep red or boysenberry. This is the mineral lip crayon in the colour seduce. This lipstick stayed on my lips all nigh, its not matte but its definitelyย long lasting. I don’t usually wear dark colours like this but coming into winter I thought that it would be the perfect subtle colour.

Thats it lovelies, I hope youย this post, it was a bit different from what I usually do. I will try and upload on Wednesday but no promises. Let me know what you thought of my outfit below and don’t forget to give this a like ๐Ÿ™‚

xx Jessica


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