Favourite Books

Hi Kitties,

First off, I would just like to apologise for my absence. I have been overloaded with assignments and work and it has been hard to post twice a week. But I’m back and I will try to keep up with the  schedule. Today’s post is not beauty or fashion but books.

 My reading habits are one and off. When I get really into a book, I cannot put it down. So in today’s post I want to showcase my favourite books that I have read. Hope you enjoy. These are not in any order.

1. Eleanor and Park.

I just recently finished reading this book and let me say that it was an emotional roller coaster. It is a teenage romance novel, as most of these are. But it isn’t at cliche as I though it would be. It is a wonderful book and I definitely recommend reading it, even if your not into romance (hehe). This is one of the few books that I actually felt emotionally connected to.


2. Why we broke up.

Yes as you can probably guess by the title, the is another romance novel. I’m a sucker for love. This was a different style of writing that I have never experienced before. The book is basically about at a girl who has broken up with her boyfriend and is now returning a bunch on memento’s of their time together. Every few pages there is a new object and a story following that object. So it forms a story of why they broke up.  This is a good book and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I definitely recommend this book for romantic readers. (It is also a lot better to read with a hard-cover)


3. Perks of Being a Wallflower

Some of you might not know that the movie was originally a book. I read the book first and it was a really heart-felt book. When i watched the movie expected it to be the same story line and everything. But they added an extra story line part into the movie. Basically what I am trying to say is that if you have seen the movie, read the book because it is a lot different. But I have to admit, Logan Lerman did a pretty good job playing Charlie 🙂


4. The Uglies

Surprise! This book is not a romantic but a book that is set in the future. I don’t know how I found this book but it looked interesting so I thought I would give it ago. This book is apart of a series with 3 other books. When you turn 16, you undergo surgery so you turn ‘pretty’ and it is a story on how she deals with that. Obviously that was a very short summary but it overall it is a good story line.


5. Love Aubrey

This is one of the first ‘young adult’ books I read. I remember everyone talking about this book in grade 7. So I was pretty young when I read this. Although based on what I just said, it is not a ‘baby’ book, it aimed towards all teenagers. I really enjoyed this book, I can’t really say that much about it as I will give away the main plot. Check this one out!


Thank you for checking out tonight’s blog post, I really hope you go and check out the above titles because they are all amazing and deserved to be read. I will try and upload wednesday but if I don’t, I promise I will upload Sunday. Thank you lovelies, see you soon.

xx Jessica


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