Study Tips!

Hey lovelies,

I know I haven’t uploaded for almost 2 weeks. I have had a heap of assignments and I have exams this week. Although, once holiday’s start, I’m going to try and post daily ๐Ÿ™‚

So I thought why not share with you my study tips. My next post will hopefully be next Thursday night. If not it will be on Saturday next week.

1. Outlining

This is a very helpful study tip! Outline what you have to study for and then have sub categories. For example:


Urinary system

– Kidneys

– Nephrons

So on from there. Not only does this help with breaking down what you have to study but also helps check off what you have done once you have finished it. Some people also like to do this in a mind map.

2. Colour Coding

Colour coding is my favourite thing! What I like to do is colour code each of my categories. For example, I would colour code the urinary system purple, and my digestive system green! I like to do this so I can clearly see where my notes are and what I have achieved. It also looks super pretty!ย This is an example of my book below:
3. Study Plan

I always cringe when I hear this word. I do not like them what so ever. I have seen a lot of very structured timetable’s which have had when you have to eat and sleep etc; But I never end up following those plans! What I have found is best for me is to just set out in advanced what subjects I want to study on certain days. It is also good to write down when all your exams and assessment pieces are due so you know how much time you have between then. ย When your studying a certain subject or subjects it is good to set goals, write down what you want to achieve by a certain time.
ย 4. Distractions

I have my music playing on my dock which is on the other side of my rooms therefore it harder for me to get distracted. If you don’t have a dock just place your phone in a cup the furthest away from your working area. A lot of people say that music actually is a distraction but I work best when there is music on. There are also playlist’s on spotify that help you study ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Snacks

While studying I drink a lot of tea. It helps me calm down if I am stressed, it also taste delicious too! I obviously eat usually food at meal times. But I usually have a piece of fruit or something that sweet/ has sugar in it to boost my blood sugar level and probably because I’m craving that and sugar makes me happy.

6. Area

Your working area is probably the most important. Make sure you are working on a desk or table, have lots light, preferably natural. Have all your equipment ready and set out in a neat area. Study somewhere where it is quite and you won’t be disturbed. If I have an assignment, I’m just doing on my laptop. I tend to sit on my bed all day and work on it. Except this just causes me to lounge around and it makes the studying so much longer. Even though it may be annoying sitting at a desk, it will be much quicker than the bed.

7. Breaks

Breaks are important. I like to do a few hours, during that I will grab a super quick snack for 10 minutes. When it is lunch time I usually take a 40 minute break and watch some TV. Then go back to studying. On weekends, I stop working around 4pm, so I can have the rest of the night to myself.

Thats all my study tips and tricks that I use. I hope you discovered maybe something new. Let me know you tips and if you use any of these in the comments below. My next post will be in 1 week.

xx Jessica


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