Summer Essentials

Hi lovelies,

I have been doing lots of travelling lately, therefore been unable to post. But today for you I have a flat lay featuring my summer essentials. I have also made an Instagram for my blog, for you guys to keep up to date with my life and know what and when I post, the username is @missinfluential so it would be lovely if you’d check it out! Now onto the post.

12074534_185392511794283_2887923911533755983_n1. Black strapless bikini top.

I have included 4 pieces of bikini’s in this flatlay as it is important to have more than 1 pair. This top is super simple with a lovely nice mermaid style top. It is from cotton on body and was reasonably cheap.

2. Reversible bikini bottoms.

These types of bikini’s are perfect if you want to change it up a bit. A patterned side and a plain hot pink side. These are from moontide.

3. Polaroid or a disposable camera.

Both a polaroid and a disposable camera don’t take the best pictures, but isn’t that the whole point of it? The vintage, old, look. Cute pictures of you and your friends all summer? Yes please!

4. Summer dress.

This is my #1 essential, something easy to put over your togs but is still a nice casual look. This particular dress is from Dissh with a criss-cross back.

5. Bikini top.

Another bikini top, this one is quite heavly padded, but has a lovely aqua print on it with purple netting. This top is quiteย extravagant so a plain colour would have to be worn on the bottom to balance it out. The top is from Bikini Island.

6. High waisted black bottoms.ย 

This is something I have in my collection every season as it personally just suits my personality. It reminds me of the 50’s decade. I’m in love with them, these ones are again from Cotton On Body.

7. Water!

While we are swimming we usually forget to drink water, (or at least I do!). So you must always remember to drink water because we don’t want ourselves getting dehyrdrated throughout the day. To make it easier to drink, I usually add lemon or lime juice for some flavour.

8. Bondi Sands.

If you arn’t tan already or want to be tan before summer starts, I definitely recommend Bondi Sands. I recently started using this as I am as white as clouds. It is the first fake tan foam that I have used and it’s safe to say that I am never going back to spray. It is an easy process and looks so natural! In the near future, I will most likely do a review on this.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to check out my Instagram @missinfluential. Have a lovely day.

xx Jessica


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