#mysummerlookslike Flat Lay

Hey lovelies,

I recently uploaded a flat lay to my instagram (@missinfluential) to go into the running to win a prize pack. This competition is held by Dissh. The most creative entry wins, mine is below.


I tried to make it as creative as possible by adding the pencils into the picture and trying to keep the colour scheme the same. Even if I don’t win, I enjoyed making it and sharing it.

  1. The bikini top is from cotton on, it is cream coloured and ruffled. The only bad thing about this bikini, it that when you wear shirts or dresses over the top it looks a bit strange as the ruffles make it kinda of bulkier.
  2. The shorts are from Dissh, these shorts are so lovely to wear, especially in summer! They are high waisted and are made out of a light material.
  3. A polaroid or some sort of disposable camera is a must in summer. It captures all those memories a lot better than a digital camera.
  4. A towel. This one is just yellow and white striped.
  5. A colouring in book. Sitting by the pool and colouring in pretty cities is what I like to do best!
  6. Dove summer glow, gradual self tan body lotion. This builds up my tan and makes it last a lot longer. Definitely would recommend.
  7. Rimmel BB Cream, Light. In summer, I don’t like to apply a heavy foundation as it feels like it is sweating off whenever I’m outside. BB cream is perfect for that and it also includes SPF.
  8. Two-faced, Spice Spice Baby. A very nice soft nudie red colour. I featured it in my birthday post. It feels like moisturiser but with colour!
  9. A bone coloured nail polish. At the moment, this is a colour I have been digging.

That’s all for the flat lay. I hope you enjoyed it and fingers crossed that I win! See you soon

xx Jessica



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