Red Carpet Recap 2015

Hey lovlies,

So I planned to do a nail art post, but lets be honest, I tried and failed, all thanks to pinterest. So I decided to turn this post into my favourite red carpet looks from 2015. Coming to the end of the year, there will be some very interesting 2015 posts coming soon. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Video Music Awards:

I’m going to be honest, there wasn’t many red carpet outfits that I did like. A lot stood out, but there were very few that were actually pleasing to eye.

  1. Justin Bieber




I actually applaud the stylist who styled Justin Bieber for this event.  His jeans surprisingly up to his waist instead of falling down his legs. A very nice button up shirt and brown suede boots. Although this outfit is incomplete without a brown leather jacket.

2.  Vanessa Hudgens



Not what you would expect on a red carpet, but judging by the rest of the outfits, a dress code was obviously not on the invite. Vanessa suited this dress perfectly. This is her style, boho, chic and beachy. A lovely nude pink, plunge neck gown to go with her long wavy hair. The necklaces and the bracelets all tie into together to create this perfect look.

3. Hailee Steinfeld

yeah love myself song


Now, I am all for jumpsuits but this one is a little different, and I am slightly intrigued by it. I like how it is half a dress, half a jumpsuit. I really like the top half, although I feel like she is quite restricted in the arm space. However, I feel like the metal choker may be a bit too much.

American Music Awards:

  1. Chloe Grace Moretzchloe_grace_moretz_2015_american_music_awards_red_carpet_november_2015_la_getty_gallery_14__largeSource:

One of my favourite actresses. She went for a very simple and elegent dress. I like how the dress is delicate and not too busy. The lace works perfectly with her skin tone. The heels, choker and the hair clip, tie the whole outfit in together to create a killer look.

2.  Ashely Bensonashley_benson_2015_american_music_awards_red_carpet_november_2015_la_getty_gallery_30__large


Not gonna lie, I’m not a huge fan of suits. But this colour looks absolutely incredible on her. This isn’t a colour I would personally pick out, but I really like it.

3. Nina Dobrevnina_dobrev_2015_american_music_awards_red_carpet_november_2015_la_getty_gallery_05__large


This is possibly my favourite outfit from the whole AMA’s red carpet. This gown is beautiful. The pattern on the dress and blazer is incredible, I want it on my walls. The leg slit adds that little more detail to the dress. The blazer, adds a sophisticated feel to the outfit. Overall she looks amazing in it.


  1. Taylor Schilling



YES YES YES. Is all I can say. This colour suits her perfectly as yellow is hard to pull off. Everything is so good here.

2. Sarah Hyland



Another amazing dress. Sarah killed it! So far, out of the above outfits this is my favourite! This maroon colour draws me in and the way the dress is structured is incredible. I love the across the shoulder look and the shoulders and neck line being exposed.

3. Aubrey Plaza



What a lovely elegant dress this is. It is such a beautiful mixture of black and red. The red is tied into her lipstick. The plunge neck line and slit make the dress just amazing. I am completely obsessed with this look and she looks so gorgeous in it.

I hope you guys enjoyed that little red carpet recap. More 2015 recaps will be coming soon with all sorts of catagories. Let me know what you thought of it below. There were definitely some stunners in the list! See you next time!

xx Jessica







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