31st December 2015

Hi everyone, this is my last post of 2015. To celebrate the end of this fantastic year, I would like to say thank you and share with you some of the highlights.

started this blog on April 3rd this year, gradually gaining more followers and views as I went on. I originally wanted the blog to be based just around fashion, but throughout the year, my love for other things grew. My goal by the end of the year was 1000 views and in the first month I smashed that. I then needed a new goal, 5000 views. I am now proud to say that, on the 31st December 2015, I have had over 5700+ views. Thank you. That is so so incredible. I appriciate you all reading my posts, liking them and giving me feedback. I would have never had thought I would get this far in only 9 months.

Around April, I got a jar and when something made me happy I would write it down and put it in there. Although, sadly I forgot about it towards the end of the year. Below are some things that made me proud and happy in 2015. 

  1. Ed Sheeran concert x 2. One of my favourite singers, I saw him live twice and to this day one of the best concerts I have experienced. 
  2. Talked in front of the whole school. 
  3. Drew a good drawing.
  4. Didn’t worry too much.
  5. Had fun at my semi formal.
  6. Was happy with my school results.
  7. Reached 1000+ views on my blog.
  8. Went on an international flight without my parents. 

This last one was possibly one of the best experiences of my life so far. I got the chance to visit a school, specifically for physically and intellectually disabled children. I was there for a week and everyday I would help the teacher look after a different class. I’m not going to lie, it was a very overwhelming period of time, but it was so deeply eye-opening. Before visiting the school, I did not understand how lucky I really am. Every child, teenager and baby that I met during that week put a smile on my face. Honestly, it made me so happy to see that I made a difference to the children, even if it was only small. If you ever get the chance to do something like that definitely do it, without thinking twice. I am so grateful that I got the chance to take part in this amazing experience. 

I hope this post gave you some insight into my life. Try taking time out of your last day to not only think about all the fun memories that you made but the situations which made you the person you are today. I wish you all the best for 2016 and keep your eyes peeled for some exciting posts coming in the new year!

Much love, Jessica xx


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