Summer Haul Flatlay

Hey lovelies, as holidays are coming to a close, I thought why not show you my new purchases from boxing day and throughout this month. I am trying to improve my flat lay skills and what better way to do that then practice? Although after spending 45 minutes trying to figure out the best way to lay the 10 items down, I gave up on the idea I was trying to achieve. It is indeed still a flat lay but instead of all the white spaces around each piece, I tried something a little different. overlapping the clothing items. To my surprise, the final product turned out better than expected. I have also included a close up photo of each item. My initial idea was to take photos of myself wearing the items. Since I didn’t have a photographer, I tried setting the timer on my phone and doing it that way. But the photos ended up with me posing awkwardly in front of a camera and it just wasn’t going the way I wanted it to go. Saying this, I hope you enjoyed one of the very lasts posts for this month!


  1. Skirt from Dissh. Brand: Rosebullet. I recently bought this online as it was on sale. Such a lovely midi skirt and the floral print is so gorgeous too!IMG_6728


2. I am sure that you have all seen this style of top before. It is of course from Kookai from one of their well known boxing day sales. I chose to pick a colour that I wouldn’t normally wear and so far it’s really easy to style!IMG_6744


3. This is again from Dissh. Brand: Lily Whyt. I was really drawn to this purely, because of the print. I had never seen anything like it before.


4. Brand: Lovealot. The camera could not capture the true beauty of these shorts. A lovely champagne colour. I love these shorts because they can be dressed up or down depending on the event.


5. Shorts from Myer. Brand: Quirky Circus. I fell in love with these shorts when I saw them. I am particularly drawn towards clothes with navy in them.

IMG_6739 (1).jpg

6. Suede Skirt from Myer. Brand: Bardot. So excited to wear this! Perfect for summer outfits and winter.


7. Jumpsuit from Glue Store. Brand: MinkPink. This is my favourite buy out of all the items. I recently got an item from this store for xmas but it didn’t fit. So happy that this jumpsuit was on sale and I was able to get it!


8. Black boots from Glassons at a second hand market. I have been looking for a pair of chunky black boots for a while now. Saw this bargain and didn’t think twice.


9. Mecca Maxima. Stila tinted moisturiser.


10. Meet Matt(e) Nude by The Balm. I have been looking at The Balm products for a while now and seriously regret not buying products from them earlier! One of the most underrated makeup brands!



From top to bottom on swatches are the colours left to right on the palette.


I really hope you enjoyed the post! Tomorrow I will be posting an update post with a new schedule of when I am posting! I hope you are having the best night/day/morning. Don’t forget to check out my instagram @missinfluential!

Much Love, Jessica xx




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