Hey lovelies, to those who live in Australia, I hope you are enjoying your Australia Day.  I am writing this post to tell you whats been happening and how my schedule will change. Short and sweet.

I am going into my last year of school, one of my most important years which is quite nerveracking. Don’t get me wrong, I am slightly excited but it is going to be a big year for me. I do not know what to expect. It may be the same amount of stress and work as last year but I highly doubt that. Throughout this coming year, I am going to work on posts which promote a healthy lifestyle, a clear mindset, self love and confidence.

Last year, I had spare time. This year however, I will have to wait and see. This means I have to create a new schedule of when I am going to upload. I was thinking once a month. The post will contain plenty of content and will most likely be a long post, as I am uploading less. Although, if I have a spare friday night, or if I just go out wearing a nice outfit. I will try to upload a short OOTD or a mixtape from the songs I am currently listening to. I will just have to see how I go. The monthly posts will be uploaded on 12th of each month. Of course, when holidays start again I will be uploading regularly and have some awesome posts planned.

This year my main aim is to focus on school as much as possible, but also enjoy my last year. 11 years of school leading up to this last year. I really hope this year is good for both you and me.

Much love, Jessica xx


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