Self Love + Confidence

Hi lovelies, todays post is on the theme of self-love and confidence. I have so much to talk about in this post so, grab a snack and get somewhere cosy. Before I start, I will say that I don’t really have a clear structure, I may rant on one subject for too long and jump back and forth. Hopefully you don’t get too confused. Self love is important, not only for young girls but all genders and all ages. No matter how old you are it is important and I felt as if this topic needed to be touched on especially before starting a new school year. 

Confidence is something that we have all struggled with. If it’s from raising your hand in class to answer a question to making a new friend at a party. The thoughts racing through your head, of what people will think and how they will react. But remember, you are doing it for yourself. No one else. You want to put your hand up and get that question right, to restore faith within yourself. You want to go over and talk to that girl, she looks nice, you love her outfit. You want to make a new friend. If you are confident with what you are doing then no one will be able to see that you are freaking out inside. You could say that confidence is a shield and a hard one. If you are confident that you will get that answer right, shoot up that hand and even if you aren’t confident still raise that hand high. If you get the question wrong have a laugh about it and shake it off. It’s all okay. When it comes to meeting new people, you will regret it after if you don’t go up to them. Yes, this is easier said then done, and the thoughts come rushing over and you start to over think the situation and make up scenarios in your head that will end badly. But in the time that you are doing that, you could just go up and say hello. What’s the worst that can happen? Honestly, no one that I have met is rude enough to turn someone down just for saying hello. They are probably in the same position as you thinking the same thoughts. 

Be yourself. Yes it is cheesy and I am sure you have all seen so many pictures with those words printed over the top. But you can really only be yourself, if you start to act differently around certain people you forget who you are. You should NEVER, change your personality and interests based on someone else opinion. If someone gives off the impression that you cannot be friends with them because they don’t like your music taste or something, than they are not worth your time. This also ties into, surrounding yourself with positive people who make you feel wonderful inside. If someone is constantly spreading negativity energy and bringing everyone down with them, then you need to get rid of that toxic relationship. It is harsh but of course it would happen over a period of time. I am sure we have all experianced this is some way, but personally it is hard to let go of a friendship, memories and stories. In saying this, it will benefit you in the long run and those memories will still be alive and well, don’t worry.

Forgiveness in yourself and others. We all make mistakes, say the wrong things at the wrong time to the wrong person. But it is okay, we make those mistakes so we know for next time. No matter how bad or guilty you feel about whatever the situation is, you need to accept that it happened and remind yourself that you are only human. You are not the only person that has made that mistake before. Forgiveness in others is tricky. It is hard to talk about this subject without contradicting myself, so I will try to make it as clear as possible. Everyone deserves a second chance, as I said before, everyone makes mistakes. Although, after the second of third chance, the person may not care about your feelings as much as you care about theirs. You can’t let them keep pushing you over making you feel like trash. I have experienced this before and personally it is very hard for me to let go. I keep on telling myself, they won’t do it again, they’ve learnt and I have discussed the issue with them. But unfortunately not, some people need to be let go after the 3rd chance they get. Although once let go of that toxic relationship you feel better about yourself. 

Sometimes we feel sad. We are not sure why we feel sad but we just want a cry. Crying is okay. It does not make you look weak or like a baby. When we get into these moods, acceptance of emotions is important. No one is asking you to be your happy and positive self 24/7 and when you do have a cry, no one should be surprised by it. Because you are human, it is a bodily function and we shouldn’t try and stop ourselves from crying. Most of the time if feels good after its let out. 

Love yourself and all your flaws. This may be hard at times as there are so many wrong body expectations in the 21st century. We like to compare ourselves to others, telling ourselves that they have a better body etc. It is not worth the stress and anxiety that you put yourself through. I cannot stress this enough, but you are so so beautiful and precious. I am lost for words and on the verge of tears. It is so important to love yourself and your body. If you have trouble accepting this, look in the mirror. Just look at yourself and smile. Tell yourself that you look good, take some selfies. Do not feel afraid to upload that selfie! If you are feeling gorgeous and wonderful in that photo upload it! Stop looking at people who you want to look like, and start looking at your wonderful self and be proud of that person looking back at you. 

Please do not forget to look after yourself. Drink water lots of water. Eat that last piece of cake, I promise you it won’t kill you. Get enough sleep. Don’t forget to balance how your school and social life. Take a moment out of each day to smile at that precious soul in the mirror. 

Last but not least, remind your friends constantly of how much they mean to you. It will make their day, if you just tell that how much you like your chats with them and you will always be there for them.

Much love, Jessica xx

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