Hey lovelies, I have finally finished exams which means that I can post more! If you follow my instagram (@missinfluential) you would know that I recently was involved in a test shoot which I got to style the model! Another girl and I picked out the clothes she was going to wear and styled how she would wear them I guess..? Anyways, I had the best time and it was a really good for me to experience that. The photos are below and of course I couldn’t do this without the help of the other girls. Their instagrams’s are tagged below:

Model: @morgs_nelson

Model: @morgs_nelson

Photographer: @viennastormphotography

MUA:  @saamhopee

Stylist: @sineadhennessy

910unspecifiedunspecified 2unspecified 3unspecified 7unspecified copyunspecified copy 2unspecified8

There will be more posts to come! Keep your eyes peeled!

Much love, Jess xx



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