Who to follow – Coachella

Hey loves,

School has been very very hectic at the moment so sadly I haven’t been able to post. So since it is the last weekend of Coachella, in this post I will give a run-down of who to follow on Instagram and snapchat so you are up with it all! Enjoy :))

1. Amanda Steele

Instagram: @amandasteele

Snapchat: @amandasteele24

2. Markel Williams 

Instagram: @markelwilliams

3. Andrea Russett

Instagram: @andrearussett

Snapchat: @andwizzle

4. Jessica Stein 

Instagram: @tuulavintage

Snapchat: @jessicamaystein

5. Alli Simpson 

Instagram: @allisimpson

Snapchat: @allisimpson

6. Nina Dobrev

Instagram: @ninadobrev

7. Kendall Jenner

Instagram: @kendalljenner

Snapchat: @kendalljenner

8.  Alden Steimle

Instagram: @aldensteimle

Snapchat: @aldensteimle

9. Bryana Holly

Instagram: @bryanaholly

snapchat: bhollz

10. Rebecca Black

Instagram: @justcallmerebecca

Snapchat: @rbeezle

That’s it for today’s post! Hopefully, I can start planning uploads in advance and queue them to post, I will try my best but no promises!

Much Love, Jess xx


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