Trends: Slip Dresses

Hi Lovelies, this weeks post is showcasing the trend of slip dresses! Scrolling through instagram daily and seeing lots of clothing companies selling this slip dresses. At first, was a little put off by it as it looks like a nightie. Although once I saw it on people and their way to style it, my opinion changed.


Before I start, just wanted to say that you may see that some of my blog posts are missing. This is because silly me accidentally deleted all the photos attaching to every single blog post. Meaning that I had to download them all back into wordpress. I am trying my hardest to get them all back to how they were, although some photos were lost entirely in the process. Hope it didn’t cause too much confusion!

If you don’t already know what a slip dress is, it usually worn as a petticoat or a underslip. But this recent trend is wearing it bare. It can be made in a variety of materials and usually gracefully falls around the body.




Just a few inspirational pictures and outfits are above. Wearing slip dresses in the bare reached it’s peak in the 90’s. But now it is back and stylish as ever. The above photos give off a very girly, relaxed vibe.

If you are loving this trend and want to jump on board, I’ve found some links where you can buy them. Alternatlively, just look in target or big w for nighties that look like the ones in the photos above. You should be able to find them for half the price you’ll pay for the ones below!

  1. Zillah Slip Dress from –

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 6.23.52 pm


2.  Crown of Creation Slip Dress, comes in many colours with neck tie. From – Shot 2016-05-15 at 6.56.04 pm

3. Silk Daquiri Slip from –

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 7.09.39 pm

4. ASOS Hammered Satin Slip Dress from –

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 7.12.58 pm

You can really twist your style into these dresses to make it look edgier or more funked up by just adding a t-shirt underneath or a belt to structure the dress more. Depending how you are styling it, this makeup is usually quite dewy if going for a girly look. If going for a stronger look, defined eyebrows and a bright lip will bring it all together. 

I hope you got some ideas from this blog post on how to style this lovely new trend. Definitely put a spin on it so you don’t look like every other girl wearing this dress and you stand out. Make people look twice and strut your stuff. Check out @missinfluential on instagram for my daily ootd’s. Maybe I will buy myself one of these dresses! You’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled. 

Much Love, Jess xx



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