Hello my lovelies, 

This fine, rainy, cosy saturday night I am feeling particularly motivated to bring into discussion a few topics which I feel as if need more attention. Before I start, my main aim of this post is to share happiness and love with all you lovely readers and to remind you that you are not alone! Will also be posting some happy, pretty pictures so you all don’t get bored with reading. Happy reading :))

1. Do not care what people think about you. 

I must admit, this is easy said then done. Although I feel like it is essential in everyday life. A lot of us are too afraid to do certain things with the fear of judgement from others, but the question is…why does their opinion matter so much? As a teenage girl, this fear is often circulated around society. For example, we won’t wear something that someone else has in fear of being called a ‘copy cat’. How is this any fair? We shouldn’t let little things get to us. But sometimes they do and that is okay. I have to say myself, I have not yet accomplished this and I don’t think I ever will. 


Source: Ambivalently Yours

I understand that some people’s approval is important to us, but if it is preventing us from decisions that make us happy then they are just not worth your time. In my opinion, the phrase, “they’re just jealous,” is true. Most of the time people are jealous that they didn’t have the confidence to make the decision you did. 

Another thing, is don’t do something just to fit in with a trend or make you seem cooler. If you don’t like it, feel comfortable with it then don’t do it. The people influencing you should support your decision and if not, then drop them.

Here is a lil list of things you should never feel bad about doing:

  • Dressing up with heels, makeup, dresses. Dress to what makes you happy and please do not let other people’s opinions change that! If you feel confident strut your stuff girlie.
  • Bringing coffee to school. This has now become quite socially acceptable, but at times I felt as if people would think their ‘too cool’ or some silly thing like that. 
  • Uploading/taking selfies! I am guilty of this and occasionally feel bad. Although if you are looking and feeling awesome about yourself take as many photos as you want! You’re social media is yours and yours only. If people don’t like what you post, they can unfollow! 
  • Linking to the last point, taking pictures of food! This is very much mocked in our society today. If your meal/acai bowl ;)/ eggs bene looks good then you take a photo of that! It will forever be in your camera roll to look back and remember how good it tasted hehe.

Shoutout to my friend, for wearing whatever the hell she wants to wear and not letting anyone stop her.

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 9.50.56 pm

@bonitaa_98 on instagram.

2. Judging

This topic is quite similar to the last and leads on from it. If you say you don’t judge people then you are lying to yourself. We all do it, it is human to do so. But when we let those first impressions decide whether they are a good person, the line stop here. Just because you don’t like where someone shops or the clothes that they wear, is no reason not to talk to them. 

It makes me so so mad when these opinions influence their decisions. Usually we keep these opinions to ourselves, this is probably the best thing to do. We hear that little voice in our head say “why is she wearing those shoes with that outfit.” Then tell ourselves “it looks good, she is killing it, why are you judging jess?” I often ask myself this question and over time have learnt to try to stop this judgement. Although as I said before it is human instinct and impossible to stop. 



Source: Eleanor Hardwick

3. Individualism


This is the theme I have tried to get across this whole post. Basically if people are going to judge you on something, there is a likely chance you probably won’t see them again. So just ‘YOLO’ it and go for it. If you do have trouble with expressing your individuality, I recommend surrounding yourself with people who support you, love you and boost your confidence every day. 

I always love getting feedback from you so it would be awesome if you could let me know if you like me doing these sort of posts? I think it is so important, as specially as women to share our experiences with one another and the issues that are apart of today’s society! I really hoped you could relate to this post! Now chicka, go out and take some killer selfies. 

p.s: The cover photo is a few photos that I have taken over the last couple of months and have 0 regrets about taking them xxx


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