12 Lessons in 12 Years

Hello Lovelies,

Today I finished my last exams ever at high school and have 7 more days until I’m officially graduated. This is the reason behind why I haven’t posted for around a month. Now I have plenty of extra time to improve my blog with lots of exciting shoots coming up.

In 2 weeks I also leave for New York which is so exciting and I will have so many photos to post. I will try my best to do daily blog posts, but it depends, but I won’t go 3 days without posting.

12 years of schooling has taught me a lot, especially the 5 years I’ve been in high school for. I’ve made a list of things school has taught me and just the general jist of tips to do with school. Hope you chickens are doing well and learn something from this post! 

  1. No one really cares how you look. You don’t have to wake up 30 min early every morning to do a full face of makeup for school that you will probably sweat off during the day. Don’t get me wrong, if you love putting on makeup go ahead. But if you’re worried if other people will judge you, they won’t, its school, you’re not suppose to look good and awake, and you’ll learn this over time. 
  2.  That D that you got in that one exam is okay and won’t ruin everything. Honestly every time I received a fail, back on one of the aspects of an exam, I would cry. Yes it’s not a nice feeling working hard and receiving a crap mark back. But you have to accept it. It’s not the end of the world (as easy as it is to say, I wish I listened to my parents when I was in tears). There are going to be so many more exams you’ll honestly forget about it a year later. 
  3. Make friends with people outside your friendship group. This is so important. You are not confined to your own friendship group, and you are allowed to hang out with other people. Go initiate friendships with people who have the same interests as you, listen to the same music. 
  4. Study for exams. There is nothing worse than going into the exam unprepared and opening the first page and not knowing how to do the first question. It happens at least once in your schooling life. But honestly study at little bit so you go into the exam knowing something instead of nothing. 
  5. It’s okay if you leave the assignment to the last-minute. It always happens. It happened around once a term for myself. It’s just the way things are and don’t stress you are not the only one. We all can’t be organized all the time. But those all nighters,  filled with lots of tea, trying to keep your eyes open, you’ll be grateful you finished them at night not in the morning, day of the assignment. 
  6. Go to the teachers if you need help. I’ve only learnt this, the last couple of years. If you are confused go to the teacher and ask for them to re-explain it. Missing one lunchtime won’t be the end of the world, and knowing about the assessment will be beneficial for you in the near future. 
  7. Friendships fade. Don’t stress if your best friend in grade 8, isn’t you’re best friend now. As harsh as it sounds, if the friendship wanted to be saved, effort would have been put in. Also it is healthy to make new friends and find people who you truly connect with and can trust. 
  8. Let loose; with balance. You can still study and have a social life with all your other commitments too. It’s all about making sure you have an equal time to fit them all in, while still having fun.
  9. Bring deodorant and apply frequently. You really think you’ll be fine, you won’t.
  10. You are absolutely gorgeous. If someone cannot see that than they do not deserve to be in your life. 
  11. Don’t be afraid to cut toxic people. You don’t need that negativity around, especially when you’re stressed out about a millions things. People who make you feed bad about yourself or your actions can be dropped. 
  12. Take photos. You wanna remember your schooling experience, where you make some lifetime friends and learn some very valuable lessons. Take photos of all the birthdays, events, late nights, friends, food. Everything. But also don’t forget to cherish moments, in the moment. 

I really enjoyed reflecting on my experience over my 12 years of school. It it finally over, no more exams or assessment pieces ever, and it feels so good. I’ll be uploading again in the next few days so keep a look out. For now follow my instagram for daily uploads; @missinfluential

Much Love, Jess xx


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