Styling Heels Casually 

Hey lovelies,

I’m back with another fashion post on how to wear heels casually. Usually I find that I can overdress in heels although if you pair the right clothes with it, the outfit can look really casual if you’re just heading out for the day!

I recently did a photoshoot with the lovely @bellafifita to showcase this outfit. The pictures and details will all be below! Thanks for reading ❤️

Currently the weather in Brisbane is crazy hot, so I decided to keep the outfit as cool as possible.

Top: Uniqlo

Bralette: Cotton On

Skirt: Dissh, brand: Reiley Denim

Silver clutch: Seafolly

Brown Bag: Witchery

Shoes: Famous footwear

As you may have noticed, the of lace up heels is quite popular lately with every second girl owning a pair. Usually I don’t hop on the bandwagon with trends but these were too pretty not to buy. Not only do they go with most outfits but they have a shorter heels so they are significantly easier to walk in!

Honestly you can dress these down as long as you make the top causal. If my top was a dressy top, maybe something from Kookaï, this outfit would make it more dressier. Although because I have added the t-shirt and tied it up with the addition of a bralette the look is a lot more chill and more of a day than night look.

In saying this, you could easily put a dressy top with a pair of shorts and make it look casual as well.

It’s all about making the look balanced with dressy and casual elements.

I really like this look because of the detail of the skirt and bralette. The skirt has the frayed edge which makes it that little bit more interesting. As well as the bralettes adding detail to match with the navy blue shirt.

If you are going for a plain and simple look make sure you add a pop of colour. Looking back on the photos, I must admit that the outfit could have done with a bright clutch or lip. Otherwise it looks a tad dull.

Thank you again for supporting this blog and for those who read it every week. A big thank you to Bella Fifita (@bellafifita check her out on Instagram) for producing these amazing photos!

Lots of Love, Jess xx


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