Hey lovelies,

Today’s post is a photo diary of today’s activities along with a stream of thoughts that are just flowing through my brain. 


– We decided to apply the blackhead $2.80 mask from Daiso.

– It always seems like a good idea at the same until we rip a layer of our skin off.

– Jusr realised these photos are hardly aesthetic.

– Friends who rip each other’s faces off!! Goals am I right??

– P.S this is my good friend Sophie who makes me laugh until I cry.

– I glammed up and was extra proud of my makeup today.

– Again these photos are far from aesthetic.

– But also shows that I am a normal teenage girl with a normal messy room, I say trying to convince myself.

– We love our selfies.

– Went out for lunch, thought we were craving acai, decided to go for burgers instead. 

– Ben’s Burgers in West End, Brisbane.

– As always I over order and got a chocolate Hershey’s shake as well.

– Honest diabetes but 0 regrets.

– Perfect gem to eat at.

– Cute photo of Sophie sipping her drink.

– Damn, don’t her eyebrows look good.

– Couldn’t leave West End without visiting SWOP. 

– SWOP is basically an op shop but has some really amazing bargains and gems you won’t find anyone else.

– Levi’s mom jeans for under $50, sign me up.

– One of my secrets gems in Brisbane has been let out, (don’t tell anyone thanks!!). 

– Just look at that lovely colour coded arrangement.

– So organised, so clean.

– Oh look it’s me taking a selfie again, not self centered at all…

Saving the best information for last,

Bodysuit: Brandy Melville 

Skirt: Dissh, brand: blurr 

Bag: Seafolly.

– Was a little skeptical about the skirt, fringes and me don’t usually mix.

– But yes Jess, you look good, good job on this outfit.

– Also wouldn’t be a Jess photo without the peace sign, come on what’s new??

– Lastly thank you to Soph for taking the lovely photos for me, and for making this day a special one. 
Thank you for reading, I’am forever grateful. 

Instagram: @missinfluential 

Lots of love, Jess xx


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