What to wear to uni

Hey lovelies,

Today was my first day of uni and it was a lot to take it. In saying this I am very excited to start Journalism.

I’ve had a few recent requests to write a blog post on what to wear to uni. Today I got to scope out the fashion scene and created a few outfits.

PS; currently using a fake orange prada bag but will be getting a backpack asap, as my shoulder died today. 

Everyone told me “get a backpack” but no I thought I was right. I was not. Going to get a backpack soon, cuteness is not a factor, jess you need to suck it up and do it for your limbs. 

There are 5 outfits that majority of you can recreate.  Enjoy x

1. Casual + cute..super cute hehe.

This is just a nice and light dress from Cotton On. It is tight so it adds to that cuteness but also doesn’t look like you are overdressing. Paired with converse.

If you have a midi or maxi dress, try adding a belt to it to add some shape and compliment your body. 

Alternative outfit: if you have a slip dress or that type of shift dress. Try placing a white tee underneath and the dress on top, that would look so gorgeous and still edgy. 

2. Dressy + casual

This is a bit nicer and probably not dressing for comfort, but still one of my favourite outfits.

This is perfect if you want to go out for lunch before uni or after or just have general plans you want to look nice for. 

Top is from Kookai and skirt is from Bardot. 

I find that this outfit is quite classy as well as cute, any A line skirt adds to this as well as the high neckline. 

Of course paired with my lovely lipstick bitkenstocks. 

Alternative outfit: a line skirt paired with a crop top that is tight and just meets the skirt so there is a little bit of skin showing. 

3. Casual + Easy

Jeans and a cami. Honestly two pieces of clothing everyone owns, jeans aren’t probably for comfort but they do the job and are better than shorts in my personal opinion. 

Top is from American Eagle and jeans are from Seed.


This is the outfit I wore today because I just wanted to be as comfortable as possible since I was going to be there for 5 hours +.

Cotton pants are the best, basically just leggings. Although I understand some people are a bit “iffy” about leggings and don’t regard them as “pants”. Although the ones in the photo below make you feel a little more covered.

They are from a store in Japan and top is from Uniqlo with a Sass and Bide bralette. 

I would also love to pair this with a graphic tee that is oversized and falls over the crotch. Ahh I can already imagine this. 

Also why do I pop my hip out in ever photo??

5. Workout Gear 

This is sneaky, wear some workout gear and you can pretend you are going to workout or you just did + just think of the comfort.

Pants are so bright but they match my personality perfectly and are from Target and top is Lorna Jane.

 I hope this guides you a bit on what to wear and gives you some ideas. Let me know if you end up recreating them by contacting me through social media –@missinfluential on Instagram. 

Hope your week is filled with positivity.

Much Love, Jess xx


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