Brisbane Day Out

Coming into Summer, my goal is to spend more time outside and with friends than inside and looking at screens. I have collected a bunch of my favourite places in Brisbane to go and explore as well as have a good feed of course. Most of these can be reached by bus and are inexpensive … More Brisbane Day Out

vlog #1

Hi lovelies, This was a vlog from a couple of weeks back. Please forgive me as I’m a little awkward at the start. I hope you enjoy this and fingers crossed it’s not boring. Music: No Diggity – Blackstreet (Bondax Edit) Cascade – by Ivey Lots of love, Jess xx    


Hi my loves, Basically long story short, I wasnโ€™t motivated to post and now I am! Hip Hip Hooray!! I have recently become extremely motivated again to consistently post and create content that other enjoy, specifically fashion related and of course, like always a little bit of self love promotion never hurt anybody.